Tacoma Cat Hospital now offers boarding for your feline friend. We are here to provide the finest care for them during their stay in our Kitty Condominiums.

The Kitty Condo area offers ample natural light for sunning, and windows for bird-watching to help your cat pass the time while relaxing in their spacious, comfortable suites. Each unit has a separate shelf for sleeping and a private litter box alcove.

Medical boarding is available and all medical care for your cat will be provided by Licensed Veterinary Technicians and overseen by our Veterinarians.

Tacoma Cat Hospital is a flea-free facility. Any cat with fleas will be treated according to their needs.

You may provide your own special cat food or choose from a large variety of excellent diets available at the Hospital. We can usually provide any dietary formula required by your cat. Please also feel free to bring any toys, clothing, or blankets you feel will help keep your kitty comfortable and secure. We will provide the snuggles and kitty lovin’s!   =^..^=

Our vaccine requirements: We do ask that your cat be current with their Rabies* and FVR-CPC** vaccinations. If your cat is strictly indoor only, we do not require a FeLV vaccine. If your cat was not vaccinated at our Hospital, please provide the documents stating the inoculation(s) for your pet.

* In the state of Washington, the first Rabies vaccine given is good for one year, each subsequent Rabies vaccine is then good for 3 years, regardless of where it was administered.

**A current FVR-CPC means that your cat has already received at least an initial vaccine and a follow up booster within the previous 3 years, depending on the cat’s lifestyle.

We are open Saturdays 9 am-11 pm for boarding drop-off and pick-up with advance notice only.

For specific questions or to make a reservation please e-mail us at

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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